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We are committed to providing patients with dignity and respect while treating the disease of addiction.


The detox units, which are in Centre, Demopolis, and Jacksonville, Alabama are inpatient units at Joint Commission accredited hospitals.

The detox component of recovery is conducted by the Medical staff which includes medical doctors, nurses, and aids to help with withdrawals from alcohol and drugs. Detox medications are administered to help with anxiety, depression, mood stabilization, nausea and many other aspects of withdrawals.

Depending on what drugs or alcohol a patient may be withdrawing from, various protocols are put in place so that the patient will be medically stable during the detox process. This process normally lasts three to seven days, depending on what type of narcotic or alcohol is being used.

If poly-substance abuse is prevalent, meaning more than one drug, then the most aggressive approach to the narcotic or alcohol would be used depending on the most dominate chemical. An example of this would be to detox someone using opiates and marijuana with an opiate based detox protocol.

Our primary goal is to get patients through the detox process as safely and with the least pathway of resistance to withdraw and remain medically stable so they may enter the recovery and education components of the program.