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Recovery & Sober Life

It is essential to understand that just because one is sober, all of life’s problems are not going to disappear into thin air.  Recovery is about learning new coping skills.

Recovery is about learning to live on “life’s terms.”

Early in recovery we need to learn how to live sober.  This takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work.  The following are a few of the actions needed to be taken in order to maintain a healthy, sober life.

First, we need to change our “playmates and playgrounds.”  It is irrational and irresponsible to believe that we can associate ourselves with the same people and places that played a role in our active addiction, and still expect to stay clean and sober.

Secondly, we need to build a support system of people who understand our situations.  These people should hold us accountable for our actions and help us identify our faulty beliefs.  They should also give us guidance and held us reach goals in our new life.

Finally, in order to stay clean, we need to understand, accept, and implement the 12 Steps of Recovery in our everyday lives.